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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Can Europe prevent Asia's rise?Desker, Barry
2016Challenge of contemporary terrorism: tackling roots via educationDesker, Barry
2015Challenging Times in Singapore-Indonesia RelationsDesker, Barry
2015China’s Conflicting Signals on the South China SeaDesker, Barry
 2015Conclusion: strategic certainties facing Singapore in 2065Desker, Barry
 2005Creating a dialogue : are scholars from Mars and policy makers from Venus?Desker, Barry
 2010CSCAP: shaping the future of the ASEAN Regional ForumDesker, Barry
2012Defusing tensions in the South China SeaDesker, Barry
2005Doha and globalisation's missing middleDesker, Barry
 2013The eagle and the panda : an owl's view from Southeast AsiaDesker, Barry
2005The East Asian experience : the poverty of "picking winners"Desker, Barry; Elms, Deborah
2011Egypt's youth uprising : its global dimensionsDesker, Barry
2013Energy security : Southeast Asia revives nuclear power plansDesker, Barry
2021FPDA@50 : growing relevance amid regional fluxDesker, Barry
2015From scarcity to plenty : the geopolitics of a world awash in oilDesker, Barry
2001The future of the ASEAN regional forumDesker, Barry
 2002The future of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF)Desker, Barry
2010The G20 : should Europe give way to Asia?Desker, Barry
2012The G20 Summit : a wasted opportunity in MexicoDesker, Barry
2009Global crisis and climate change : will recession undermine climate change negotiations?Desker, Barry