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2018Emergence of white organic light-emitting diodes based on thermally activated delayed fluorescenceXiao, Peng; Dong, Ting; Xie, Jianing; Luo, Dongxiang; Yuan, Jian; Liu, Baiquan
2020Metabolomic and transcriptomic analysis of MCF-7 cells exposed to 23 chemicals at human-relevant Levels : estimation of individual chemical contribution to effectsLiu, Min; Jia, Shenglan; Dong, Ting; Zhao, Fanrong; Xu, Tengfei; Yang, Qin; Gong, Jicheng; Fang, Mingliang
 2019The occurrence of bisphenol plasticizers in paired dust and urine samples and its association with oxidative stressLiu, Min; Jia, Shenglan; Dong, Ting; Han, Yuan; Xue, Jingchuan; Wanjaya, Elvy Riani; Fang, Mingliang
2018Room-temperature fabricated thin-film transistors based on compounds with lanthanum and main family element boronXiao, Peng; Huang, Junhua; Dong, Ting; Xie, Jianing; Yuan, Jian; Luo, Dongxiang; Liu, Baiquan