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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Multirate Linear Quadratic Gaussian controllers for linear time-invariant systemsChua, Say Yong.
1995Neural network control of a robot manipulatorLiew, Kang Chew.
 2012A novel efficient learning algorithm for self-generating fuzzy neural network with applicationsLiu, Fan; Er, Meng Joo
 2012A novel efficient local illumination compensation method based on DCT in logarithm domainLian, Zhichao; Er, Meng Joo; Liang, Yanchun
 2018A novel fuzzy logic control method for multi-agent systems with actuator faultsEr, Meng Joo; Deng, Chao; Wang, Ning
 2011A novel illumination normalization method based on local relation mapLian, Zhichao; Er, Meng Joo; Li, Juekun
2006Observer design for system with variable measurement sampling rateWang, Jianxin.
2003Optimal design of hybrid fuzzy controllers for nonlinear systemsSun, Yalei.
2017Parsimonious random vector functional link network for data streamsPratama, Mahardhika; Angelov, Plamen P.; Lughofer, Edwin; Er, Meng Joo
2012Practical adaptive fuzzy H∞ tracking control of uncertain nonlinear systemsPan, Yongping; Er, Meng Joo; Huang, Daoping; Sun, Tairen
 2010Range-free wireless sensor networks localization based on hop-count quantizationMa, Di; Er, Meng Joo; Wang, Bang; Lim, Hock Beng
 2012Receding horizon cache and extreme learning machine based reinforcement learningShao, Zhifei; Er, Meng Joo; Huang, Guang-Bin
 2012A review of inverse reinforcement learning theory and recent advancesShao, Zhifei; Er, Meng Joo
2000Robust controller design for uncertain linear multivariable systemsYang, Hongtao
2002Stability analysis of fuzzy control systemsLin, Dong Hai.
 2012A survey of inverse reinforcement learning techniquesShao, Zhifei; Er, Meng Joo
1995Timing performance analysis of transputer-based algorithms for multivariable process control applicationsKok, Chia Phei.
 2017Tracking-error-based universal adaptive fuzzy control for output tracking of nonlinear systems with completely unknown dynamicsWang, Ning; Sun, Jing-Chao; Er, Meng Joo