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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Design an electronic controller for a remote transmission systemTong, Seng Yip.
2002Design and development of a high performance speech recognition systemYang, Song
2001Design and development of digital-signal-processors-based intelligent controllers for industrial applicationsEr, Meng Hwa; Soh, Yeng Chai; Wang, Dan Wei; Wang, Jianliang
1999Design and development of digital-signal-processors-based multirate controllers for industrial applicationsEr, Meng Joo; Er, Meng Hwa; Soh, Yeng Chai; Wang, Dan Wei; Mital, Dinesh Prakash
2001Design and development of LONWORKS-based direct digital controllerDong, Hanming
2003Development of an ultrasonic medical imaging system using diffraction tomography and acoustical fractal imagingEr, Meng Joo; Er, Meng Hwa; Soh, Yeng Chai; Krishnan Shankar Muthu; Gan, Woon Seng; Udantha Ranjith Abeyratne
2000Discrete-time multirate LQG control of a DC motor speed control systemWang, Haipeng
 2017Distributed adaptive fuzzy control for output consensus of heterogeneous stochastic nonlinear multiagent systemsLi, Shaobao; Er, Meng Joo; Zhang, Jie
2001Dynamic fuzzy neural networks : principles, algorithms and applicationsWu, Shi Qian.
2019Effect of uneven electrostatic forces on the dynamic characteristics of capacitive hemispherical resonator gyroscopesXu, Zeyuan; Yi, Guoxing; Er, Meng Joo; Huang, Chao
 2013Enhanced Adaptive Fuzzy Control With Optimal Approximation Error ConvergencePan, Yongping; Er, Meng Joo
 2015Fuzzy cellular automata models for crowd movement dynamics at signalized pedestrian crossingsChai, Chen; Wong, Yiik Diew; Er, Meng Joo; Gwee, Evan Tat Meng
2016Fuzzy logic-based observation and evaluation of pedestrians’ behavioral patterns by age and genderChai, Chen; Shi, Xiupeng; Wong, Yiik Diew; Er, Meng Joo; Gwee, Evan Tat Meng
2016Global adaptive practical output tracking control for a class of genuinely nonlinear uncertain systems : adding an universal power integrator approachWang, Ning; Sun, Jing-Chao; Er, Meng Joo
1998Hybrid adaptive fuzzy control of robot manipulatorsChin, Swee Hong.
 2012A hybrid particle swarm optimization based fuzzy expert system for the diagnosis of coronary artery diseaseMuthukaruppan, S.; Er, Meng Joo
2002Intelligent control of a pole balancing robotKyaw, Aung Aung.
 2012Local line derivative pattern for face recognitionLian, Zhichao; Er, Meng Joo; Cong, Yang
2012Local relation map : a novel illumination invariant face recognition approachLian, Zhichao; Er, Meng Joo
 2014Machine health condition prediction via online dynamic fuzzy neural networksPan, Yongping; Er, Meng Joo; Li, Xiang; Yu, Haoyong; Gouriveau, Rafael