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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Improved GaN[sub x]As[sub 1−x] quality grown by molecular beam epitaxy with dispersive nitrogen sourceWang, S. Z.; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Loke, Wan Khai; Ng, T. K.; Fan, Weijun
 2020Improved stability and efficiency of polymer-based selenium solar cells through the usage of tin(iv) oxide in the electron transport layers and the analysis of aging dynamicsLiu, Wenbo; Yu, Fei; Fan, Weijun; Zhang, Qichun
2007Improvement of GaInNAs p-i-n photodetector responsivity by antimony incorporationLoke, Wan Khai; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Tan, K. H.; Wicaksono, Satrio; Fan, Weijun
2007Influence of N doping on the Rashba coefficient, semiconductor-metal transition, and electron effective mass in InSb1−xNx nanowires : Ten-band k∙p modelLi, S.; Xia, J.; Zhang, X.; Fan, Weijun
2007Interdiffusion in narrow InGaAsN∕GaAs quantum wellsLiu, W.; Zhang, Dao Hua; Huang, Z. M.; Wang, S. Z.; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Fan, Weijun; Liu, C. J.; Wee, A. T. S.
 2021Interplays of dipole and charge-transfer-plasmon modes in capacitively and conductively coupled dimer with high aspect ratio nanogapsTobing, Landobasa Yosef Mario; Soehartono, Alana Mauluidy; Mueller, Aaron David; Czyszanowski, Tomasz; Yong, Ken-Tye; Fan, Weijun; Zhang, Dao Hua
2006Interpretation of an anomalous peak in low-temperature photoluminescence measurements of bulk GaAs[sub 1−x]N[sub x] on GaAsCheah, Weng Kwong; Fan, Weijun; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Loke, Wan Khai; Liu, R.; Wee, A. T. S.
2008Intersubband transitions in InGaAsN/GaAs quantum wellsLiu, W.; Hou, X. Y.; Jiang, Z. M.; Zhang, Dao Hua; Fan, Weijun
2007Interwell coupling effect in Si/SiGe quantum wells grown by ultra high vacuum chemical vapor depositionWang, Rui; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Lu, Fen; Fan, Weijun; Liu, Chongyang; Loh, Ter-Hoe; Nguyen, Hoai Son; Narayanan, Balasubramanian
 2020Inverted solar cells with thermally evaporated selenium as an active layerLiu, Wenbo; Ahmed Ali Said; Fan, Weijun; Zhang, Qichun
2004Investigation of the optical properties of InGaAsN∕GaAs∕GaAsP multiple-quantum-well laser with 8-band and 10-band k[middle dot]p modelNg, S. T.; Fan, Weijun; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Wang, S. Z.; Qu, Yi; Liu, C. Y.; Ma, S. G.; Yuan, Shu
2005Low threshold current density and high characteristic temperature narrow-stripe native oxide-confined 1.3-μm InGaAsN triple quantum well lasersLiu, C. Y.; Teo, Ronnie J. W.; Yuan, S.; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Fan, Weijun
2010Microphotoluminescence investigation of InAs quantum dot active region in 1.3 μm vertical cavity surface emitting laser structureDing, Y.; Ma, B. S.; Xu, D. W.; Liang, S.; Zhao, L. J.; Wasiak, M.; Czyszanowski, T.; Nakwaski, W.; Fan, Weijun; Yoon, Soon Fatt
2021Nearly total optical transmission of linearly polarized light through transparent electrode composed of GaSb monolithic high-contrast grating integrated with goldTobing, Landobasa Yosef Mario; Wasiak, Michal; Zhang, Dao Hua; Fan, Weijun; Czyszanowski, Tomasz
 2020Optical properties of two-dimensional semi-conductive MXene Sc₂COₓ produced by sputteringChen, Qiran; Zhang, Daohua; Pan, Jisheng; Fan, Weijun
2017Optoelectronics of inverted type-I CdS/CdSe core/crown quantum ringBose, Sumanta; Fan, Weijun; Zhang, Dao Hua
2013Orientation dependence of electronic structure and optical gain of (11N)-oriented III-V-N quantum wellsFan, Weijun
2002Photoluminescence characteristics of GaInNAs quantum wells annealed at high temperatureNg, T. K.; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Wang, S. Z.; Loke, Wan Khai; Fan, Weijun
2003Photoluminescence quenching mechanisms in GaInNAs/GaAs quantum well grown by solid source molecular beam epitaxyNg, T. K.; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Fan, Weijun; Loke, Wan Khai; Wang, S. Z.; Ng, S. T.
1998Polarization dependence of intraband absorption in self-organized quantum dotsChua, S. J.; Xu, S. J.; Zhang, X. H.; Wang, X. C.; Mei, T.; Fan, Weijun; Wang, C. H.; Jiang, J.; Xie, X. G.