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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Synthesis of cobalt sulfide multi-shelled nanoboxes with precisely controlled two to five shells for sodium-ion batteriesWang, Xiao; Chen, Ye; Fang, Yongjin; Zhang, Jintao; Gao, Shuyan; Lou, David Xiong Wen
2020Synthesis of copper-substituted CoS2 @CuxS double-shelled nanoboxes by sequential ion exchange for efficient sodium storageFang, Yongjin; Luan, Deyan; Chen, Ye; Gao, Shuyan; Lou, David Xiong Wen
2019Synthesis of CuS@CoS2 double-shelled nanoboxes with enhanced sodium storage propertiesFang, Yongjin; Guan, Bu Yuan; Luan, Deyan; Lou, David Xiong Wen
 2019A ternary Fe₁₋ₓS@Porous carbon nanowires/reduced graphene oxide hybrid film electrode with superior volumetric and gravimetric capacities for flexible sodium ion batteriesLiu, Yang; Fang, Yongjin; Zhao, Zhiwei; Yuan, Changzhou; Lou, David Xiong Wen