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2018A 253mW/channel 4TX/4RX pulsed chirping phased-array radar TRX in 65nm CMOS for X-band synthetic-aperture radar imagingLou, Liheng; Tang, Kai; Chen, Bo; Guo, Ting; Wang, Yisheng; Wang, Wensong; Fang, Zhongyuan; Liu, Zhe; Zheng, Yuanjin
2019An adaptive beamforming technique for UWB impulse transceiverQiu, Lei; Liu, Supeng; Fang, Zhongyuan; Zheng, Yuanjin
2019Capacitive touch panel with low sensitivity to water drop employing mutual-coupling electrical field shaping techniqueZhong, Longjie; Lai, Xinquan; Xu, Donglai; Liao, Xinqin; Yang, Chuanshi; Fang, Zhongyuan; Zheng, Yuanjin
2020CMOS-integrated biosensor circuits and systems : FMCW radar sensor for noncontact multimodal vital signs monitoring and coherent photoacoustic sensor for non-invasive in vivo sensing and imagingFang, Zhongyuan
 2020Compact quad-element vertically-polarized high-isolation wideband mimo antenna for vehicular base stationWang, Wensong; Zhao, Zhenyu; Sun, Quqin; Liao, Xinqin; Fang, Zhongyuan; See, Kye Yak; Zheng, Yuanjin
 2020MRC-based double figure-of-eight coil sensor system with triple-mode operation capability for biomedical applicationsWang, Wensong; Pradhan, Raunaq; Ho, Yeung Sai; Zhao, Zhenyu; Sun, Quqin; Liao, Xinqin; Wang, Shaomeng; Fang, Zhongyuan; Zheng, Yuanjin
2019Noncontact thickness measurement of Cu film on silicon wafer using magnetic resonance coupling for stress free polishing applicationQu, Zilian; Wang, Wensong; Yang, Shuhui; Sun, Quqin; Fang, Zhongyuan; Zheng, Yuanjin