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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016GapmeR cellular internalization by macropinocytosis induces sequence-specific gene silencing in human primary T-cellsFazil, Mobashar Hussain Urf Turabe; Ong, Seow Theng; Chalasani, Madhavi Latha Somaraju; Low, Jian Hui; Kizhakeyil, Atish; Mamidi, Akshay; Lim, Carey Fang Hui; Wright, Graham D.; Lakshminarayanan, Rajamani; Kelleher, Dermot; Verma, Navin Kumar
2016Insight into membrane selectivity of linear and branched polyethylenimines and their potential as biocides for advanced wound dressingsFox, Stephen John; Fazil, Mobashar Hussain Urf Turabe; Dhand, Chetna; Venkatesh, Mayandi; Goh, Eunice Tze Leng; Harini, Sriram; Eugene, Christo; Lim, Rayne Rui; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Chaurasia, Shyam Sunder; Beuerman, Roger W.; Verma, Chandra Shekhar; Verma, Navin Kumar; Loh, Xian Jun; Lakshminarayanan, Rajamani
2014Phosphorylation of Rab5a protein by protein kinase Cϵ is crucial for T-cell migrationOng, Seow Theng; Freeley, Michael; Skubis-Zegadło, Joanna; Fazil, Mobashar Hussain Urf Turabe; Kelleher, Dermot; Fresser, Friedrich; Baier, Gottfried; Verma, Navin Kumar; Long, Aideen