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 2012Clonal analysis for elucidating the lineage potential of embryonic NG2+ cellsJu, Peijun; Liu, Rui; Yang, Hai-Jie; Xia, Yinyan; Feng, Zhiwei
 2018An efficient UAV hijacking detection method using onboard inertial measurement unitFeng, Zhiwei; Guan, Nan; Lv, Mingsong; Liu, Weichen; Deng, Qingxu; Liu, Xue; Yi, Wang
2012Engineering the first chimeric antibody in targeting intracellular PRL-3 oncoprotein for cancer therapy in miceGuo, Ke; Tang, Jing Ping; Jie, Li; Hong, Cheng William; Tan, Cheng Peow Bobby; Park, Jung Eun; Varghese, Leyon; Feng, Zhiwei; Zhou, Jianbiao; Chng, Wee Joo; Zeng, Qi; Al-Aidaroos, Abdul Qader O.
2009Epidermal growth factor receptor inhibition enhances locomotor recovery and neurogenesis in mouse spinal cord injury.Lim, Han Chi.
2020Gene profiles in the early stage of neuronal differentiation of mouse bone marrow stromal cells induced by basic fibroblast growth factorYu, Lili; Hong, Wei; Yang, Haijie; Xia, Yin Yan; Feng, Zhiwei
 2012Induction of neuronal phenotypes from NG2+ glial progenitors by inhibiting epidermal growth factor receptor in mouse spinal cord injuryJu, Peijun; Zhang, Si; Yeap, Yeeshan; Feng, Zhiwei
 2012Neural cell adhesion molecule modulates mesenchymal stromal cell migration via activation of MAPK/ERK signalingShi, Yu; Xia, Yinyan; Wang, Lei; Liu, Rui; Khoo, King-Shung; Feng, Zhiwei
 2012Nucleoside diphosphate kinase Nm23-M1 involves in oligodendroglial versus neuronal cell fate decision in vitroOwlanj, Hamed; Yang, Hai-Jie; Feng, Zhiwei
2012Silencing of diphthamide synthesis 3 (Dph3) reduces metastasis of murine melanomaWang, Lei; Shi, Yu; Ju, Peijun; Liu, Rui; Yeo, Siok Ping; Xia, Yinyan; Owlanj, Hamed; Feng, Zhiwei