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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2015Novel molybdenum carbide-tungsten carbide composite nanowires and their electrochemical activation for efficient and stable hydrogen evolutionXiao, Peng; Ge, Xiaoming; Wang, Haibo; Liu, Zhaolin; Fisher, Adrian; Wang, Xin
 2017Rapid removal of chloroform, carbon tetrachloride and trichloroethylene in water by aluminum-iron alloy particlesXu, Jie; Pu, Yuan; Yang, Xiao Jin; Wan, Pingyu; Wang, Rong; Song, Peng; Fisher, Adrian
 2016A Review on Design Strategies for Carbon Based Metal Oxides and Sulfides Nanocomposites for High Performance Li and Na Ion Battery AnodesZhao, Yi; Wang, Luyuan Paul; Sougrati, Moulay Tahar; Feng, Zhenxing; Leconte, Yann; Fisher, Adrian; Srinivasan, Madhavi; Xu, Zhichuan
2013A review on the electrochemical reduction of CO2 in fuel cells, metal electrodes and molecular catalystsLim, Rern Jern; Xie, Mingshi; Sk, Mahasin Alam; Lee, Jong-Min; Fisher, Adrian; Wang, Xin; Lim, Kok Hwa
2018Selective electrochemical H2O2 production through two-electron oxygen electrochemistryJiang, Yuanyuan; Ni, Pengjuan; Chen, Chuanxia; Lu, Yizhong; Yang, Ping; Kong, Biao; Fisher, Adrian; Wang, Xin
2016Three-dimensional skeleton networks of graphene wrapped polyaniline nanofibers: an excellent structure for high-performance flexible solid-state supercapacitorsHu, Nantao; Zhang, Liling; Yang, Chao; Zhao, Jian; Yang, Zhi; Wei, Hao; Liao, Hanbin; Feng, Zhenxing; Fisher, Adrian; Zhang, Yafei; Xu, Jason Zhichuan