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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Low temperature direct wafer bonding of GaAs to Si via plasma activationXu, D. W.; Fitzgerald, Eugene A.; Yeo, Chiew Yong; Yoon, Soon Fatt
2017Low-threshold optically pumped lasing in highly strained germanium nanowiresBao, Shuyu; Kim, Daeik; Onwukaeme, Chibuzo; Gupta, Shashank; Saraswat, Krishna; Lee, Kwang Hong; Kim, Yeji; Min, Dabin; Jung, Yongduck; Qiu, Haodong; Wang, Hong; Fitzgerald, Eugene A.; Tan, Chuan Seng; Nam, Donguk
 2018MOCVD growth of InGaP/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors on 200 mm Si wafers for heterogeneous integration with Si CMOSLoke, Wan Khai; Lee, Kwang Hong; Wang, Yue; Tan, Chuan Seng; Fitzgerald, Eugene A.; Yoon, Soon Fatt
2017Monolithic integration of Si-CMOS and III-V-on-Si through direct wafer bonding processLee, Kwang Hong; Wang, Yue; Wang, Bing; Zhang, Li; Sasangka, Wardhana Aji; Goh, Shuh Chin; Bao, Shuyu; Lee, Kenneth E.; Fitzgerald, Eugene A.; Tan, Chuan Seng
2017A novel 2.6–6.4 GHz highly integrated broadband GaN power amplifierLiu, Bei; Mao, Mengda; Khanna, Devrishi; Boon, Chirn-Chye; Choi, Pilsoon; Fitzgerald, Eugene A.
 2018Performance of AlGaInP LEDs on silicon substrates through low threading dislocation density (TDD) germanium buffer layerWang, Yue; Wang, Bing; Eow, Desmond Fu Shen; Michel, Jurgen; Lee, Kenneth Eng Kian; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Fitzgerald, Eugene A.; Tan , Chuan Seng; Lee, Kwang Hong
2016Red InGaP light-emitting diodes epitaxially grown on engineered Ge-on-Si substratesWang, Bing; Wang, Cong; Lee, Kwang Hong; Bao, Shuyu; Lee, Kenneth Eng Kian; Tan, Chuan Seng; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Fitzgerald, Eugene A.; Michel, Jurgen
2016Reduction of threading dislocation density in Ge/Si using a heavily As-doped Ge seed layerLee, Kwang Hong; Bao, Shuyu; Wang, Bing; Wang, Cong; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Michel, Jurgen; Fitzgerald, Eugene A.; Tan, Chuan Seng
2018Suppression of interfacial voids formation during silane (SiH4)-based silicon oxide bonding with a thin silicon nitride capping layerLee, Kwang Hong; Bao, Shuyu; Wang, Yue; Fitzgerald, Eugene A.; Tan, Chuan Seng
2002Thermal reaction of nickel and Si0.75Ge0.25 alloyPey, Kin Leong; Chattopadhyay, Sujay; Lee, Pooi See; Choi, W. K.; Zhao, H. B.; Antoniadis, D. A.; Fitzgerald, Eugene A.