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2015Design and Construction of Artificial Extracellular Matrix (aECM) Proteins from Escherichia coli for Skin Tissue EngineeringLow, Pearlie Si Jia; Tjin, Monica Suryana; Fong, Eileen
 2014Human epidermal keratinocyte cell response on integrin-specific artificial extracellular matrix proteinsTjin, Monica Suryana; Chua, Alvin Wen Choong; Ma, Dong Rui; Lee, Seng Teik; Fong, Eileen
 2018A new approach to design artificial 3D microniches with combined chemical, topographical, and rheological cuesStoecklin, Celine; Yue, Zhang; Chen, Wilhelm W.; de Mets, Richard; Fong, Eileen; Studer, Vincent; Viasnoff, Virgile
 2014Platinum and palladium nanotubes based on genetically engineered elastin-mimetic fusion protein-fiber templates : synthesis and application in lithium-O2 batteriesGuo, Guilue; Truong, Thi Hong Anh; Tan, Huiteng; Ang, Huixiang; Zhang, Wenyu; Xu, Chen; Rui, Xianghong; Hu, Zhaolong; Fong, Eileen; Yan, Qingyu
 2014Recycling bacteria for the synthesis of LiMPO4 (M = Fe, Mn) nanostructures for high-power lithium batteriesZhou, Yanping; Yang, Dan; Zeng, Yi; Zhou, Yan; Ng, Wun Jern; Yan, Qingyu; Fong, Eileen
 2014A synergistic capture strategy for enhanced detection and elimination of bacteriaLi, Yong-Qiang; Zhu, Bowen; Li, Yuangang; Leow, Wan Ru; Goh, Rubayn; Ma, Bing; Fong, Eileen; Tang, Mark; Chen, Xiaodong
 2019Unique 3D flower-on-sheet nanostructure of NiCo LDHs : controllable microwave-assisted synthesis and its application for advanced supercapacitorsZhou, Yanping; Li, Jing; Yang, Yang; Luo, Bin; Zhang, Xiong; Fong, Eileen; Chu, Wei; Huang, Kama