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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Parametric studies on the behaviour of FRP-strengthened RC wall subject to near-field blast effects and fragment loading and development of fast running model (FRM)Fung, Tat Ching; Tan, Kang Hai; Werner Riedel; Yu, Qingjun; Del Linz, Paolo; Li, Gen; Tu, Huan
2001Stress concentration factor of doubler plate reinforced tubular T-jointsErni
 2012Structural behavior of CHS T-joints subjected to brace in-plane bending at elevated temperaturesNguyen, M. P.; Tan, K. H.; Fung, Tat Ching
2015Structural Behavior of CHS T-Joints Subjected to Static In-Plane Bending in Fire ConditionsFung, Tat Ching; Tan, K. H.; Nguyen, Minh Phuong
 2013Structural behaviour of CHS T-joints subjected to brace axial compression in fire conditionTan, Kang Hai; Fung, Tat Ching; Nguyen, Minh Phuong
2001Structural behaviour of completely overlap tubular jointsGho, Wie Min.
2018Welding effect on tensile strength of grade S690Q steel butt jointChen, Cheng; Chiew, Sing-Ping; Zhao, Ming-Shan; Lee, Chi-King; Fung, Tat Ching