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20113D current path in stacked devices : metrics and challengesKor, H. B.; Infante, F.; Perdu, P.; Gan, C. L.; Lewis, D.
2012Effect of nickel silicide induced dopant segregation on vertical silicon nanowire diode performanceTan, Chuan Seng; Lu, W.; Pey, K. L.; Singh, N.; Leong, K. C.; Liu, Q.; Gan, C. L.; Lo, G. Q.; Kwong, D. -L.
 2012Impact of field enhancement on TDDB lifetimes of Cu/Low-k test structuresGan, C. L.; Tan, T. L.; Ong, R. X.
2011Magnetic field spatial fourier analysis : a new opportunity for high resolution current localizationGan, C. L.; Lewis, D.; Infante, F.; Perdu, P.; Kor, H. B.
2012Study of charge distribution and charge loss in dual-layer metal-nanocrystal-embedded high-κ/SiO2 gate stackLwin, Z. Z.; Pey, Kin Leong; Zhang, Q.; Bosman, Michel; Liu, Q.; Gan, C. L.; Singh, P. K.; Mahapatra, S.
2010Temperature control with a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) during laser decapsulation of plastic packagesKor, H. B.; Chang, A. C. K.; Gan, C. L.
2013Uniform delayering of copper metallizationSiah, Yu Wen; Hong, Y. J.; Liu, Q.; Kor, Katherine Hwee Boon; Gan, C. L.