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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012One stone kills four birds : a novel diazaperinone 12H-pyrazino[2′,3′:3,4]pyrrolo[1,2-a]perimidin-12-one recognizes four different metal ionsZhao, Jianfeng; Liu, Yi; Soh, Jiayun Bethia; Li, Yongxin; Ganguly, Rakesh; Ye, Kaiqi; Huo, Fengwei; Huang, Ling; Loo, Say Chye Joachim; Zhang, Qichun; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
 2013The original coordination chemistry of 2-phosphaphenol with copper(I) and gold(I) halidesMao, Yanli; Lim, Kelvin Meng Hui; Li, Yongxin; Ganguly, Rakesh; Mathey, François
 2013The original reactivity of a phosphole-substituted Fischer carbene complexNg, Kim Hong; Li, Yongxin; Ganguly, Rakesh; Mathey, François
2014Oxidative addition across Sb–H and Sb–Sb bonds by an osmium carbonyl cluster : trapping the intermediateLi, Ying-Zhou; Ganguly, Rakesh; Leong, Weng Kee
 2014Oxidative addition of water and methanol to a dicationic trivalent phosphorus centreTay, Madelyn Qin Yi; Lu, Yunpeng; Ganguly, Rakesh; Vidović, Dragoslav
2013Photochemical reaction of Cp*Ir(CO)2 with C6F5X (X = CN, F) : formation of diiridium(II) complexesGanguly, Rakesh; Mak, Kar Hang Garvin; Chan, Pek Ke; Fan, Wai Yip; Leong, Weng Kee
2019Platinum-osmium heterometallic clusters containing N-heterocyclic carbene ligands and an electron-deficient tetraosmium by-productLiu, Yu; Ganguly, Rakesh; Huynh, Han Vinh; Leong, Weng Kee
2015Preparation, Structural Analysis, and Reactivity Studies of Phosphenium DicationsTay, Madelyn Qin Yi; Ilić, Gordana; Werner-Zwanziger, Ulrike; Lu, Yunpeng; Ganguly, Rakesh; Ricard, Louis; Frison, Gilles; Carmichael, Duncan; Vidović, Dragoslav
2013A rationally designed nitrogen-rich metal-organic framework and its exceptionally high CO2 and H2 uptake capabilityWang, Xiao-Jun; Li, Pei-Zhou; Chen, Yifei; Zhang, Quan; Zhang, Huacheng; Chan, Xiu Xiang; Ganguly, Rakesh; Li, Yongxin; Jiang, Jianwen; Zhao, Yanli
 2011Reaction of terminal phosphinidene complexes with dihydrogenTing, Liow Yu; Nicholls, Leo; Li, Yongxin; Ganguly, Rakesh; Mathey, François; Duffy, Matthew P.
2017Reactivity of a base-stabilized germanium(I) dimer toward group 9 metal(I) chloride and dimanganese decacarbonylMuhammad Luthfi Ismail; Liu, Fu-Quan; Yim, Wai-Leung; Ganguly, Rakesh; Li, Yongxin; So, Cheuk-Wai
 2012Reactivity of a distannylene toward potassium graphite : synthesis of a stannylidenide anionChia, Siew-Peng; Ganguly, Rakesh; Li, Yongxin; So, Cheuk-Wai
 2012Reactivity of a tin(II) (iminophosphinoyl)(thiophosphinoyl)methanediide complex toward isocyanates and rhodium(I) chlorideGuo, Jia-Yi; Li, Yongxin; Ganguly, Rakesh; So, Cheuk-Wai
2015Reversible [4 + 2] cycloaddition reaction of 1,3,2,5-diazadiborinine with ethyleneWu, Di; Ganguly, Rakesh; Li, Yongxin; Hoo, Sin Ni; Hirao, Hajime; Kinjo, Rei
2018Ruthenacyclic carbamoyl complexes : highly efficient catalysts for organosilane hydrolysisBarik, Chandan Kr; Ganguly, Rakesh; Li, Yongxin; Leong, Weng kee
2017Selective cyclodimerization of epichlorohydrin to dioxane derivatives over MOFsMousavi, Bibimaryam; Chaemchuen, Somboon; Phatanasri, Suphot; Chen, Cheng; Zeng, Cheng; Ganguly, Rakesh; Zhuiykov, Serge; Verpoort, Francis
2015Selective photocatalytic C–C bond cleavage under ambient conditions with earth abundant vanadium complexesGazi, Sarifuddin; Ganguly, Rakesh; Putra Moeljadi, Adhitya Mangala; Hirao, Hajime; Soo, Han Sen; Ng, Wilson Kwok Hung
2018Spectroscopic characterization and mechanistic studies on visible light photoredox carbon–carbon bond formation by bis(arylimino)acenaphthene copper photosensitizersNg, Yik Yie; Tan, Lisa Jiaying; Ng, Shue Mei; Chai, Yoke Tin; Ganguly, Rakesh; Du, Yonghua; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee; Soo, Han Sen
2018Stibine-protected Au 13 nanoclusters : syntheses, properties and facile conversion to GSH-protected Au 25 nanoclusterLi, Ying-Zhou; Ganguly, Rakesh; Hong, Kar Yiu; Li, Yongxin; Tessensohn, Malcolm Eugene; Webster, Richard; Leong, Weng Kee
2018Structural mimics of the [Fe]-hydrogenase : a complete set for group VIII metalsBarik, Chandan Kr; Ganguly, Rakesh; Li, Yongxin; Leong, Weng Kee