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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The Delineation of ‘Throw’ Verbs in Mandarin Chinese: Behavioural and Perceptual ApproachesGao, Helena Hong; Wang, Haoshu; Nicoladis, Elena
 2009Development and consciousnessGao, Helena Hong
 2007Development of consciousnessGao, Helena Hong; Todd, R.; Zelazo, Philip David
2011E-learning design for Chinese classifiers : reclassification of nouns for a novel approachGao, Helena Hong
 2008Language and development of consciousness: degrees of disembodimentGao, Helena Hong; Zelazo, Philip David
2016The Polysemy of the Chinese Action Verb “Dǎ” and Its Implications in Child Language AcquisitionSak, Hui Er; Gao, Helena Hong
2016The Use of “Ná” and “Hold” Verbs by Bilingual PreSchool Children in SingaporeYap, Ying Tong; Gao, Helena Hong