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2017SiGe bandgap tuning for high speed eamMastronardi, Lorenzo; Banakar, Mehdi; Khokhar, Ali Z.; Bernier, Nicolas; Robin, Eric; Bucio, Thalía Domínguez; Littlejohns, Callum G.; Gardes, Frederic Y.; Rouviere, J.-L.; Dansas, Hugo; Gambacorti, Narciso; Mashanovich, Goran Z.; Gardes, Frederic Y.
2019Silicon-on-insulator free-carrier injection modulators for the mid-infraredNedeljkovic, Milos; Littlejohns, Callum George; Khokhar, Ali Z.; Banakar, Mehdi; Cao, Wei; Penades, Jordi Soler; Tran, David T.; Gardes, Frederic Y.; Thomson, David J.; Reed, Graham T.; Wang, Hong; Mashanovich, Goran Z.
2016Towards a fully functional integrated photonic-electronic platform via a single SiGe growth stepLittlejohns, Callum G.; Dominguez Bucio, Thalia; Nedeljkovic, Milos; Wang, Hong; Mashanovich, Goran Z.; Reed, Graham T.; Gardes, Frederic Y.