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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Identification of burkholderia cenocepacia strain H111 virulence factors using nonmammalian infection hostsEberl, Leo; Schwager, Stephan; Agnoli, Kirsty; Köthe, Manuela; Feldmann, Friederike; Givskov, Michael; Carlier, Aurelien
2013Identification of five structurally unrelated quorum-sensing inhibitors of pseudomonas aeruginosa from a natural-derivative databaseTan, Sean Yang-Yi; Chua, Song-Lin; Chen, Yicai; Rice, Scott A.; Kjelleberg, Staffan; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland; Yang, Liang; Givskov, Michael
 2013Identification of LasR ligands through a virtual screening approachSkovstrup, Søren; Le Quement, Sebastian Thordal; Hansen, Thomas; Jakobsen, Tim Holm; Harmsen, Morten; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Nielsen, Thomas E.; Givskov, Michael; Taboureau, Olivier
2017In Vitro Evaluation of Biofilm Dispersal as a Therapeutic Strategy To Restore Antimicrobial EfficacyRoizman, Dan; Vidaillac, Celine; Givskov, Michael; Yang, Liang
2017In Vitro and In Vivo Efficacy of an LpxC Inhibitor, CHIR-090, Alone or Combined with Colistin against Pseudomonas aeruginosa BiofilmTan, Jun Hou; Vidaillac, Celine; Yam, Joey Kuok Hoong; Chua, Song Lin; Givskov, Michael; Yang, Liang
2015In vitro and in vivo generation and characterization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm–dispersed cells via c-di-GMP manipulationChua, Song Lin; Hultqvist, Louise D.; Yuan, Mingjun; Rybtke, Morten; Nielsen, Thomas E.; Givskov, Michael; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Yang, Liang
2015In-frame and unmarked gene deletions in burkholderia cenocepacia via an allelic exchange system compatible with gateway technologyFazli, Mustafa; Harrison, Joe J.; Gambino, Michela; Givskov, Michael; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim
2019Inactivation of the pgmA gene in Streptococcus mutans significantly decreases biofilm-associated antimicrobial toleranceNilsson, Martin; Givskov, Michael; Twetman, Svante; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim
2019Increased intracellular cyclic di-AMP levels sensitize Streptococcus gallolyticus subsp. gallolyticus to osmotic stress and reduce biofilm formation and adherence on intestinal cellsTeh, Wooi Keong; Dramsi, Shaynoor; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Yang, Liang; Givskov, Michael
2018Interleukin-26 (IL-26) is a novel anti-microbial peptide produced by T cells in response to staphylococcal enterotoxinWoetmann, Anders; Alhede, Morten; Dabelsteen, Sally; Bjarnsholt, Thomas; Rybtke, Morten; Nastasi, Claudia; Krejsgaard, Thorbjørn; Andersen, Mads Hald; Bonefeld, Charlotte M.; Geisler, Carsten; Givskov, Michael; Odum, Niels
2019Itaconimides as novel quorum sensing inhibitors of Pseudomonas aeruginosaFong, July; Mortensen, Kim T.; Nørskov, Amalie; Qvortrup, Katrine; Yang, Liang; Tan, Choon Hong; Givskov, Michael; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland
2019Key players and individualists of cyclic-di-gmp signaling in burkholderia cenocepaciaRichter, Anja M.; Fazli, Mustafa; Schmid, Nadine; Shilling, Rebecca; Suppiger, Angela; Givskov, Michael; Eberl, Leo; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim
2015The LapG protein plays a role in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm formation by controlling the presence of the CdrA adhesin on the cell surfaceRybtke, Morten; Berthelsen, Jens; Yang, Liang; Høiby, Niels; Givskov, Michael; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim
2014A mariner transposon vector adapted for mutagenesis in oral streptococciNilsson, Martin; Christiansen, Natalia; Høiby, Niels; Twetman, Svante; Givskov, Michael; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim
2018Matrix polysaccharides and SiaD diguanylate cyclase alter community structure and competitiveness of Pseudomonas aeruginosa during dual-species biofilm development with Staphylococcus aureusChew, Su Chuen; Yam, Joey Kuok Hoong; Matysik, Artur; Seng, Zi Jing; Klebensberger, Janosch; Givskov, Michael; Doyle, Patrick; Rice, Scott A.; Yang, Liang; Kjelleberg, Staffan
2017Metagenomic and metatranscriptomic analysis of saliva reveals disease-associated microbiota in patients with periodontitis and dental cariesDrautz-Moses, Daniela Isabel; Schuster, Stephan Christoph; Belstrøm, Daniel; Constancias, Florentin; Liu, Yang; Yang, Liang; Kohli, Gurjeet Singh; Jakobsen, Tim Holm; Holmstrup, Palle; Givskov, Michael
 2015Multiple diguanylate cyclase-coordinated regulation of pyoverdine synthesis in P seudomonas aeruginosaYam, Joey Kuok Hoong; Liu, Yang; Chua, Song Lin; Givskov, Michael; Nielsen, Thomas E.; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Cao, Bin; Yang, Liang; Chen, Yicai; Yuan, Mingjun; Mohanty, Anee
2014Population dynamics of an acinetobacter baumannii clonal complex during colonization of patientsWen, Hanchun; Wang, Ke; Liu, Yang; Tay, Martin; Lauro, Federico M.; Huang, Hong; Wu, Huayu; Liang, Hongjie; Ding, Yichen; Givskov, Michael; Chen, Yiqiang; Yang, Liang
2016Pseudomonas aeruginosa microcolonies in coronary thrombi from patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarctionHansen, Gorm Mørk; Givskov, Michael; Hansen, Peter Riis; Belstrøm, Daniel; Nilsson, Martin; Helqvist, Steffen; Nielsen, Claus Henrik; Holmstrup, Palle; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim
2014The Pseudomonas aeruginosa Type III translocon is required for biofilm formation at the epithelial barrierTran, Cindy S.; Rangel, Stephanie M.; Almblad, Henrik; Kierbel, Arlinet; Givskov, Michael; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Hauser, Alan R.; Engel, Joanne N.