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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Pressure-Dependent Polymorphism and Band-Gap Tuning of Methylammonium Lead Iodide PerovskiteJiang, Shaojie; Fang, Yanan; Li, Ruipeng; Xiao, Hai; Crowley, Jason; Wang, Chenyu; White, Timothy John; Goddard III, William A.; Wang, Zhongwu; Baikie, Tom; Fang, Jiye
 2009Rigidity-stability relationship in interlocked model complexes containing phenylene-ethynylene-based disubstituted naphthalene and benzeneGoddard III, William A.; Yoon, Il.; Miljanić, Ognjen Š.; Benítez, Diego; Zhao, Yanli; Tkatchouk, Ekaterina; Stoddart, J. Fraser
2007Simulations on the effects of confinement and Ni-catalysis on the formation of tubular fullerene structures from peapod precursorsSu, Haibin; Adri C. T. van Duin; Nielsen, Robert J.; Goddard III, William A.