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2018Elucidating the effect of additives on the alkyl chain packing of a double tail cationic surfactantMiguel, M. G.; Gonçalves, Rui A.; Lindman, B.; Iwata, T.; Lam, Yeng Ming
 2020Facile control of surfactant lamellar phase transition and adsorption behaviorGonçalves, Rui A.; Naidjonoka, Polina; Nylander, Tommy; Miguel, Maria G.; Lindman, Björn; Lam, Yeng Ming
 2019Multiscale self-assembly of a phenyl-flanked diketopyrrolopyrrole Derivative : a solution-processable building block for π‑conjugated Supramolecular polymersWang, Kai; Bohra, Hassan; Gonçalves, Rui A.; Bhatnagar, Harshangda; Wu, Yingjie; Wang, Xiaochen; Wang, Zheng; Wei, Xin; Lam, Yeng Ming; Wang, Mingfeng