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2020Al2O3-assisted confinement synthesis of oxide/carbon hollow composite nanofibers and application in metal-ion capacitorsMao, Zhifei; Wang, Huanwen; Chao, Dongliang; Wang, Rui; He, Beibei; Gong, Yansheng; Fan, Hong Jin
2018Flexible quasi-solid-state sodium-ion capacitors developed using 2D metal-organic-framework array as reactorXu, Dongming; Chao, Dongliang; Wang, Huanwen; Gong, Yansheng; Wang, Rui; He, Beibei; Hu, Xianluo; Fan, Hong Jin
2020Integration of flexibility, cyclability and high-capacity into one electrode for sodium-ion hybrid capacitors with low self-discharge rateWang, Huanwen; Xu, Dongming; Jia, Guichong; Mao, Zhifei; Gong, Yansheng; He, Beibei; Wang, Rui; Fan, Hong Jin