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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Large polaron self-trapped states in three-dimensional metal-halide perovskitesWong, Walter P. D.; Yin, Jun; Chaudary, Bhumika; Chin, Xin Yu; Cortecchia, Daniele; Lo, Shu-Zee A.; Grimsdale, Andrew C.; Mohammed, Omar F.; Lanzani, Guglielmo; Soci, Cesare
 2013Large two-photon absorption of terpyridine-based quadrupolar derivatives : towards their applications in optical limiting and biological imagingLi, Hairong; Rajwar, Deepa; Ying, Yongjun; He, Tingchao; Lim, Zheng Bang; Ma, Lin; Di, Ziyun; Grimsdale, Andrew C.; Sun, Handong
 2012New 3D supramolecular Zn(ii)-coordinated self-assembled organic networksLim, Zheng Bang; Li, Hairong; Sun, Shuangyong; Lek, Jun Yan; Trewin, Abbie; Lam, Yeng Ming; Grimsdale, Andrew C.
2020Novel amphiphilic corannulene additive for moisture-resistant perovskite solar cellsBening Tirta Muhammad; Barát, Viktor; Koh, Teck Ming; Wu, Xihu; Surendran, Abhijith; Yantara, Natalia; Bruno, Annalisa; Grimsdale, Andrew C.; Stuparu, Mihaiela Corina; Leong, Wei Lin
2014Novel hole transporting materials based on triptycene core for high efficiency mesoscopic perovskite solar cellsMhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Sabba, Dharani; Li, Hairong; Yin, Jun; Boix, Pablo P.; Krishna, Anurag; Soci, Cesare; Grimsdale, Andrew C.
 2011One-pot synthesis of 4,8-dibromobenzo[1,2-d;4,5-d′]bistriazole and synthesis of its derivatives as new units for conjugated materialsTam, Teck Lip Dexter; Tan, Hong Hup Ronnie; Ye, Wanting; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Grimsdale, Andrew C.
 2014Self-assembly of conjugated units using metal-terpyridine coordinationGao, Yang; Rajwar, Deepa; Grimsdale, Andrew C.
 2014A simple 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene based hole-transporting material for perovskite solar cellsMhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Li, Hairong; Fu, Kunwu; Hagfeldt, Anders; Grätzel, Michael; Grimsdale, Andrew C.
2015Superior optical nonlinearity of an exceptional fluorescent stilbene dyeHe, Tingchao; Sreejith, Sivaramapanicker; Gao, Yang; Grimsdale, Andrew C.; Zhao, Yanli; Lin, Xiaodong; Sun, Handong
 2012Synthesis and 2D self-assembly at the liquid-solid interface of end-substituted star-shaped oligophenylenesRajwar, Deepa; Sun, Xiaonan; Cho, Sung Ju; Fichou, Denis; Grimsdale, Andrew C.
 2012Synthesis and characterization of a series of annelated Benzotriazole based polymers with variable bandgapTam, Teck Lip Dexter; Ye, Wanting; Tan, Hong Hup Ronnie; Zhou, Feng; Su, Haibin; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Grimsdale, Andrew C.
 2012Synthesis and characterization of biphenyl-based lithium solvated electron solutionsGrimsdale, Andrew C.; Tan, Kim Seng; Yazami, Rachid
2021Synthesis of 5-azatetracene and comparison of its optical and electrochemical properties with tetraceneGhosh, Animesh; Budanovic, Maja; Li, Tianjiao; Liang, Caihong; Klein, Maciej; Soci, Cesare; Webster, Richard David; Gurzadyan, Gagik G.; Grimsdale, Andrew C.
2021Synthesis, optical and electrochemical properties of isomeric dibenzophenanthroline derivativesGhosh, Animesh; Li, Tianjiao; Ni, Wenjun; Wu, Tong; Liang, Caihong; Budanovic, Maja; Morris, Samuel Alexander; Klein, Maciej; Webster, Richard David; Gurzadyan, Gagik G.; Grimsdale, Andrew C.
2012Wavelength dependence of optical nonlinearity of terpyridine-based Zn(II)-coordinated rigid linear polymersHe, Tingchao; Rajwar, Deepa; Ma, Lin; Wang, Yue; Bang Lim, Zheng; Grimsdale, Andrew C.; Sun, Handong