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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Comparative study of laser surface hardening of 50CrMo4 steel using continuous-wave laser and pulsed lasers with ms, ns, ps and fs pulse durationMaharjan, Niroj; Zhou, Wei; Zhou, Yu; Guan, Yingchun; Wu, Naien
2017Femtosecond laser cleaning for aerospace manufacturing and remanufacturingMaharjan, Niroj; Zhou, Wei; Zhou, Yu; Guan, Yingchun
2019Large-scale fabrication of nanostructure on bio-metallic substrate for surface enhanced raman and fluorescence scatteringLu, Libin; Zhang, Jiaru; Jiao, Lishi; Guan, Yingchun
2017Laser Surface Processing of Hot Rolled Ni-45.0at.%Ti Shape Memory AlloyMa, Chengpeng; Guan, Yingchun; Zhou, Wei
2012Laser surface processing of ultralight magnesium alloysGuan, Yingchun
2013Laser-induced microstructural development and phase evolution in magnesium alloyGuan, Yingchun; Zhou, Wei; Li, Z. L.; Zheng, H. Y.