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2012Adhesive-based liquid metal radio-frequency microcoil for magnetic resonance relaxometry measurementKong, Tian Fook; Peng, Weng Kung; Luong, Trung-Dung; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Han, Jongyoon
2015Enhancing malaria diagnosis through microfluidic cell enrichment and magnetic resonance relaxometry detectionFook Kong, Tian; Ye, Weijian; Peng, Weng Kung; Hou, Han Wei; Marcos; Preiser, Peter Rainer; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Han, Jongyoon
2019Enhancing the sensitivity of micro magnetic resonance relaxometry detection of low parasitemia Plasmodium falciparum in human bloodThamarath, Smitha Surendran; Xiong, Aoli; Lin, Po-Han; Preiser, Peter Rainer; Han, Jongyoon
2014In vivo splenic clearance correlates with In vitro deformability of red blood cells from plasmodium yoelii-infected miceHuang, Sha; Amaladoss, Anburaj; Liu, Min; Chen, Huichao; Zhang, Rou; Preiser, Peter R.; Dao, Ming; Han, Jongyoon