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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Temperature and chemical bonding-directed self-assembly of cobalt phosphide nanowires in reaction solutions into vertical and horizontal alignmentsZhang, Shuang-Yuan; Ye, Enyi; Liu, Shuhua; Lim, Suo Hon; Tee, Si Yin; Dong, Zhili; Han, Ming-Yong
2019Upconversion luminescence of Gd2O3:Ln3+ nanorods for white emission and cellular imaging via surface charging and crystallinity controlWu, Mingda; Guan, Guijian; Yao, Bingqing; Teng, Choon-Peng; Liu, Shuhua; Tee, Si Yin; Ong, Boon Chong; Dong, Zhili; Han, Ming-Yong