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 2018"Cocktail" of xenobiotics at human relevant levels reshapes the gut bacterial metabolome in a species-specific mannerZhang, Yingdan; Keerthisinghe, Tharushi Prabha; Han, Yuan; Liu, Min; Wanjaya, Elvy Riani; Fang, Mingliang
2004Marine engines industry : a strategic sales approach for GGHHan, Yuan
 2019The occurrence of bisphenol plasticizers in paired dust and urine samples and its association with oxidative stressLiu, Min; Jia, Shenglan; Dong, Ting; Han, Yuan; Xue, Jingchuan; Wanjaya, Elvy Riani; Fang, Mingliang
2018Slip rate and rare large prehistoric earthquakes of the red river fault, southwestern ChinaShi, Xuhua; Sieh, Kerry; Weldon, Ray; Zhu, Chengnan; Han, Yuan; Yang, Jiwu; Robinson, Stephen W.
 2019Streamlined MRM method transfer between instruments assisted with HRMS matching and retention-time predictionYang, J. J.; Han, Yuan; Mah, C. H.; Wanjaya, Elvy Riani; Peng, Brenda Ang Sze; Xu, Tengfei; Liu, Min; Huan, T.; Fang, Mingliang