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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2000Demonstration of high-resolution capability of chemical force titration via study of acid/base properties of a patterned self-assembled monolayerHe, Hui-Xin; Huang, Wei; Zhang, Hua; Li, Qi Guang; Li, Sam Fong Yau; Liu, Zhong-Fan
 2000Fabrication of designed architectures of Au nanoparticles on solid substrate with printed self-assembled monolayers as templatesLi, S. F. Y.; He, Hui-Xin; Zhang, Hua; Li, Qi Guang; Zhu, Tao; Liu, Zhong-Fan
 2000Fabrication of microelectrode arrays using microcontact printingZhou, Z. Y.; Li, S. F. Y.; He, Hui-Xin; Li, Qi Guang; Zhang, Hua; Liu, Zhong-Fan
1998Force titration of amino group-terminated self-assembled monolayers of 4-aminothiophenol on gold using chemical force microscopyMu, Tao; Liu, Zhong-Fan; Zhang, Hua; He, Hui-Xin
1998Force titration of amino group-terminated self-assembled monolayers using chemical force microscopyZhang, Hua; He, Hui-Xin; Wang, J.; Mu, Tao; Liu, Zhong-Fan
 1999Monitoring the electrochemical transformation of an azobenzene-terminated alkanethiolate monolayer at gold by chemical force microscopyWu, Zhongyun; Dong, Dong; Zhang, Hua; He, Hui-Xin; Liu, Zhong-Fan
1999Study on the surface dissociation properties of 6-(10-mercaptodecaoxyl)quinoline self-assembled monolayer on gold by chemical force titrationZhang, Hua; Zhang, Hao-Li; He, Hui-Xin; Zhu, Tao; Liu, Zhong-Fan
1998Theoretical studies on force titration of amino-group-terminated self-assembled monolayersWang, Junmei; Zhang, Hua; He, Hui-Xin; Hou, Tingjun; Liu, Zhong-Fan; Xu, Xiaojie