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2016Biocompatible Two-Photon Absorbing Dipyridyldiketopyrrolopyrroles for Metal-Ion-Mediated Self-Assembly Modulation and Fluorescence ImagingHe, Tingchao; Gao, Yang; Sreejith, Sivaramapanicker; Tian, Xiaoqing; Liu, Lin; Wang, Yue; Joshi, Hrishikesh; Phua, Soo Zeng Fiona; Yao, Song; Lin, Xiaodong; Zhao, Yanli; Sun, Handong; Grimsdale, Andrew Clive
 2014Blue liquid lasers from solution of CdZnS/ZnS ternary alloy quantum dots with quasi-continuous pumpingWang, Yue; Leck, Kheng Swee; Ta, Van Duong; Chen, Rui; Nalla, Venkatram; Gao, Yuan; He, Tingchao; Demir, Hilmi Volkan; Sun, Handong
 2012Concise synthesis and two-photon-excited deep-blue emission of 1,8-diazapyrenesHe, Tingchao; Too, Pei Chui; Chen, Rui; Chiba, Shunsuke; Sun, Handong
 2013Efficient energy transfer under two-photon excitation in a 3D, supramolecular, Zn(II)-coordinated, self-assembled organic networkLim, Zheng Bang; He, Tingchao; Chen, Rui; Rajwar, Deepa; Ma, Lin; Wang, Yue; Gao, Yuan; Grimsdale, Andrew C.; Sun, Handong
 2012Enhanced optical nonlinearity in noncovalently functionalized amphiphilic graphene compositesHe, Tingchao; Qi, Xiaoying; Chen, Rui; Wei, Jun; Zhang, Hua; Sun, Handong
 2014Influence of H-bonding on self-assembly and tunable dual-emission of carbazole-based Zn(II)-terpyridine metallocyclesSun, Handong; Gao, Yang; He, Tingchao; Hu, Peng; Koh, Teck Ming; Grimsdale, Andrew C.
 2013Large two-photon absorption of terpyridine-based quadrupolar derivatives : towards their applications in optical limiting and biological imagingLi, Hairong; Rajwar, Deepa; Ying, Yongjun; He, Tingchao; Lim, Zheng Bang; Ma, Lin; Di, Ziyun; Grimsdale, Andrew C.; Sun, Handong
 2012Mechanism studies on the superior optical limiting observed in graphene oxide covalently functionalized with upconversion NaYF4:Yb3+/Er3+ nanoparticlesHe, Tingchao; Wei, Wei; Ma, Lin; Chen, Rui; Wu, Shixin; Zhang, Hua; Yang, Yanhui; Ma, Jan; Huang, Ling; Gurzadyan, Gagik G.; Sun, Handong
2015Multicolor lasing printsTa, Van Duong; Yang, Shancheng; Wang, Yue; Gao, Yuan; He, Tingchao; Chen, Rui; Demir, Hilmi Volkan; Sun, Handong
 2012Nanocomposites of graphene oxide and upconversion rare-earth nanocrystals with superior optical limiting performanceMa, Jan; Yang, Yanhui; Wei, Wei; He, Tingchao; Teng, Xue; Wu, Shixin; Ma, Lin; Zhang, Hua; Chen, Hongyu; Han, Yu; Sun, Handong; Huang, Ling
2016An organic dye with very large Stokes-shift and broad tunability of fluorescence: Potential two-photon probe for bioimaging and ultra-sensitive solid-state gas sensorHe, Tingchao; Wang, Yue; Tian, Xiaoqing; Gao, Yang; Zhao, Xin; Grimsdale, Andrew Clive; Lin, Xiaodong; Sun, Handong
 2014Poly(acrylic acid)-capped and dye-loaded graphene oxide-mesoporous silica : a nano-sandwich for two-photon and photoacoustic dual-mode imagingNguyen, Kim Truc; Sreejith, Sivaramapanicker; Joseph, James; He, Tingchao; Borah, Parijat; Guan, Eng You; Lye, Sun Woh; Sun, Handong; Zhao, Yanli
2016Reconfigurable liquid whispering gallery mode microlasersYang, Shancheng; Ta, Van Duong; Wang, Yue; Chen, Rui; He, Tingchao; Demir, Hilmi Volkan; Sun, Handong
2015Superior optical nonlinearity of an exceptional fluorescent stilbene dyeHe, Tingchao; Sreejith, Sivaramapanicker; Gao, Yang; Grimsdale, Andrew C.; Zhao, Yanli; Lin, Xiaodong; Sun, Handong
 2012TiO2/(CdS, CdSe, CdSeS) nanorod heterostructures and photoelectrochemical propertiesLuo, Jingshan; Ma, Lin; He, Tingchao; Ng, Chin Fan; Wang, Shijie; Sun, Handong; Fan, Hong Jin
 2014Upconversion nanoparticles as a contrast agent for photoacoustic imaging in live miceMaji, Swarup Kumar; Sreejith, Sivaramapanicker; Joseph, James; Lin, Manjing; He, Tingchao; Tong, Yan; Sun, Handong; Yu, Sidney Wing-Kwong; Zhao, Yanli
2012Wavelength dependence of optical nonlinearity of terpyridine-based Zn(II)-coordinated rigid linear polymersHe, Tingchao; Rajwar, Deepa; Ma, Lin; Wang, Yue; Bang Lim, Zheng; Grimsdale, Andrew C.; Sun, Handong