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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Immunomodulatory effects of pneumococcal extracellular vesicles on cellular and humoral host defensesCodemo, Mario; Muschiol, Sandra; Iovino, Federico; Nannapaneni, Priyanka; Plant, Laura; Wai, Sun Nyunt; Henriques-Normark, Birgitta
2012The metal ion-dependent adhesion site motif of the Enterococcus faecalis EbpA pilin mediates pilus function in catheter-associated urinary tract infectionNielsen, Hailyn V.; Guiton, Pascale S.; Kline, Kimberly A.; Port, Gary C.; Pinkner, Jerome S.; Neiers, Fabrice; Normark, Staffan; Henriques-Normark, Birgitta; Caparon, Michael G.; Hultgren, Scott J.
2017pIgR and PECAM-1 bind to pneumococcal adhesins RrgA and PspC mediating bacterial brain invasionIovino, Federico; Engelen-Lee, Joo-Yeon; Brouwer, Matthijs; van de Beek, Diederik; van der Ende, Arie; Valls Seron, Merche; Mellroth, Peter; Muschiol, Sandra; Bergstrand, Jan; Widengren, Jerker; Henriques-Normark, Birgitta
2019The role of microglia in bacterial meningitis : inflammatory response, experimental models and new neuroprotective therapeutic strategiesThorsdottir, Sigrun; Henriques-Normark, Birgitta; Iovino, Federico
2018Separation of pathogenic bacteria by chain lengthBeech, Jason P.; Ho, Bao Dang; Garriss, Geneviève; Oliveira, Vitor; Henriques-Normark, Birgitta; Tegenfeldt, Jonas O.
2017Structure of the competence pilus major pilin ComGC in Streptococcus pneumoniaeMuschiol, Sandra; Erlendsson, Simon; Aschtgen, Marie-Stephanie; Oliveira, Vitor; Schmieder, Peter; De Lichtenberg, Casper; Teilum, Kaare; Boesen, Thomas; Akbey, Umit; Henriques-Normark, Birgitta