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2014Abe's call to stand up to China : at what cost?Ho, Benjamin
2014ASEAN open skies : economic integration and SARTsjeng, Henrick Zhihao; Ho, Benjamin
2013ASEAN unity : from word to deedHo, Benjamin; Kaewkamol Pitakdumrongkit; Teo, Sarah
2012ASEAN’s centrality in a rising AsiaHo, Benjamin
2013Beijing’s ASEAN embrace : making hay while the sun shinesHo, Benjamin; Kaewkamol Pitakdumrongkit
2018The China Challenge : Contending Discourses on International OrderHo, Benjamin
2014The China dream : between personal aspiration and state authoritarianism?Ho, Benjamin
 2014Enduring image : capturing defining moments in crisesHo, Benjamin; Pang, Augustine; AuYong, Grace Xiao-Pei; Lau, Liang-Tong
2020Intelligence operations : risks faced by academiaLoh, Dylan M. H.; Ho, Benjamin
2015Lee Kuan Yew’s leadership : model for China?Ho, Benjamin
2014MH370 : limits of China's soft powerHo, Benjamin
2020Peacetime SAF : its evolving defence roleLim, Eddie; Ho, Benjamin
2016The Terrex Vehicles Issue: China Seizes Asia-Pacific InitiativeLoh, Dylan; Ho, Benjamin
2018Will China Be a Responsible Great Power?Ho, Benjamin; Hoo, Chiew-Ping
2015Xi’s State Visit to UK: Turning to British History for China’s FutureHo, Benjamin