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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2014Multifunctional TiO2 -based particles : the effect of fluorination degree and liquid surface tension on wetting behaviorLai, Yuekun; Zhou, Huanfu; Zhang, Zheng; Tang, Yuxin; Ho, Jeffrey Weng Chye; Huang, Jianying; Tay, Qiuling; Zhang, Keqin; Chen, Zhong; Binks, Bernard P.
2016Photocatalytic and adsorption performance of faceted cuprous oxide (Cu2O)Ho, Jeffrey Weng Chye
2017Photocatalytic and Adsorption Performances of Faceted Cuprous Oxide (Cu2O) Particles for the Removal of Methyl Orange (MO) from Aqueous MediaHo, Jeffrey Weng Chye; Tay, Qiuling; Qi, Huan; Huang, Zhaohong; Li, Jiao; Chen, Zhong