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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Entrepreneurship, professionalism, leadership : a framework and measure for understanding boundaryless careersChan, Kim Yin; Bedford, Olwen; Gomulya, David; Chernyshenko, Oleksandr S.; Uy, Marilyn A.; Phan, Wei Ming J.; Ho, Moon-Ho Ringo; Sam, Yoke Loo
 2013Gender and the motivation to lead : what we know from studies of entrepreneurial, professional and leadership in the 21st centuryLi, Yimeng; Chan, Kim Yin; Chernyshenko, Olexander; Ma, Jian; Low, Kin-Yew; Ho, Moon-Ho Ringo
2017A novel Family Dignity Intervention (FDI) for enhancing and informing holistic palliative care in Asia : study protocol for a randomized controlled trialHo, Andy Hau Yan; Car, Josip; Ho, Moon-Ho Ringo; Tan-Ho, Geraldine; Choo, Ping Ying; Patinadan, Paul Victor; Chong, Poh Heng; Ong, Wah Ying; Fan, Gilbert; Tan, Yee Pin; Neimeyer, Robert A.; Chochinov, Harvey M.
2015Personality and entrepreneurial, professional and leadership motivationsChan, Kim-Yin; Uy, Marilyn A.; Chernyshenko, Oleksandr S.; Ho, Moon-Ho Ringo; Sam, Yoke-Loo
2014Proactivity, adaptability and boundaryless career attitudes : the mediating role of entrepreneurial alertnessUy, Marilyn A.; Chan, Kim-Yin; Sam, Yoke Loo; Ho, Moon-Ho Ringo; Chernyshenko, Oleksandr S.
2017Who Wants to Be an Intrapreneur? Relations between Employees’ Entrepreneurial, Professional, and Leadership Career Motivations and Intrapreneurial Motivation in OrganizationsChan, Kim-Yin; Ho, Moon-Ho Ringo; Kennedy, Jeffrey C.; Uy, Marilyn Ang; Kang, Bianca Ni Ying; Chernyshenko, Olexander Sasha; Yu, Kang Yang Trevor