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2015Cleavage efficient 2A peptides for high level monoclonal antibody expression in CHO cellsChng, Jake; Wang, Tianhua; Nian, Rui; Lau, Ally; Hoi, Kong Meng; Yang, Yuansheng; Ho, Steven C. L.; Gagnon, Peter; Bi, Xuezhi
2013Comparison of Internal Ribosome Entry Site (IRES) and Furin-2A (F2A) for monoclonal antibody expression level and quality in CHO cellsBardor, Muriel; Li, Bin; Lee, Jia Juan; Song, Zhiwei; Tong, Yen Wah; Goh, Lin-Tang; Yang, Yuansheng; Ho, Steven C. L.
2014Identifying and engineering promoters for high level and sustainable therapeutic recombinant protein production in cultured mammalian cellsHo, Steven C. L.; Yang, Yuansheng
2015IgG Aggregation Mechanism for CHO Cell Lines Expressing Excess Heavy ChainsHo, Steven C. L.; Wang, Tianhua; Song, Zhiwei; Yang, Yuansheng
2014Impact of Using Different Promoters and Matrix Attachment Regions on Recombinant Protein Expression Level and Stability in Stably Transfected CHO CellsHo, Steven C. L.; Mariati; Yeo, Jessna H. M.; Fang, Shiyi Goh; Yang, Yuansheng
2014Insertion of core CpG island element into human CMV promoter for enhancing recombinant protein expression stability in CHO cellsMariati; Yeo, Jessna H. M.; Koh, Esther Y. C.; Ho, Steven C. L.; Yang, Yuansheng
2013An internal ribosome entry site (IRES) mutant library for tuning expression level of multiple genes in mammalian cellsKoh, Esther Y. C.; Ho, Steven C. L.; Mariati; Song, Zhiwei; Bi, Xuezhi; Bardor, Muriel; Yang, Yuansheng