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2017A characterisation of open bisimilarity using an intuitionistic modal logicAhrn, Ki Yung; Horne, Ross; Tiu, Alwen
2015The Consistency and Complexity of Multiplicative Additive System VirtualHorne, Ross
2016A descriptive type foundation for RDF SchemaCiobanu, Gabriel; Horne, Ross; Sassone, Vladimiro
2015Descriptive Types for Linked Data ResourcesHorne, Ross; Sassone, Vladimiro; Ciobanu, Gabriel
2014Ensuring Faultless Communication Behaviour in A Commercial CloudUmarov, Timur; Horne, Ross
2014Extracting Threshold Conceptual Structures from Web DocumentsCiobanu, Gabriel; Horne, Ross; Vaideanu, Cristian
2014Minimal type inference for Linked Data consumersCiobanu, Gabriel; Horne, Ross; Sassone, Vladimiro
2013Non-Interleaving Operational Semantics for Geographically Replicated DatabasesCiobanu, Gabriel; Horne, Ross
2012Operational Semantics for SPARQL UpdateHorne, Ross; Sassone, Vladimiro; Gibbins, Nicholas
2016Private Names in Non-Commutative LogicHorne, Ross; Tiu, Alwen; Aman, Bogdan; Ciobanu, Gabriel
2012A Provenance Tracking Model for Data UpdatesCiobanu, Gabriel; Horne, Ross
2016Semantics for Specialising Attack Trees based on Linear LogicHorne, Ross; Mauw, Sjouke; Tiu, Alwen
2012Tracing where and who provenance in Linked Data: A calculusDezani-Ciancaglini, Mariangiola; Horne, Ross; Sassone, Vladimiro
2014A Verified Algebra for Read-Write Linked DataHorne, Ross; Sassone, Vladimiro