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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Realization of a power-efficient transmitter based on integrated artificial neural networkKong, Deyu; Hu, Shaogang; Wu, Yuancong; Wang, Junjie; Xiong, Canlong; Yu, Qi; Shi, Zhengyu; Liu, Zhen; Chen, Tupei; Yin, You; Hosaka, Sumio; Liu, Yang
 2012Realization of transient memory-loss with NiO-based resistive switching deviceHu, S. G.; Liu, Y.; Liu, Z.; Yu, Q.; Deng, L. J.; Yin, Y.; Chen, Tupei; Hosaka, Sumio
2018Smart electronic skin having gesture recognition function by LSTM neural networkChen, Teng Peng; Liu, G. Y.; Kong, D. Y.; Hu, S. G.; Yu, Q.; Liu, Z.; Yin, Y.; Hosaka, Sumio; Liu, Y.
 2017γ-ray radiation effects on an HfO2-based resistive memory deviceHu, Shaogang; Liu, Yang Liu; Chen, Tupei; Guo, Qi; Li, Yu-Dong; Zhang, Xing-Yao; Deng, L.J.; Yu, Qi; Yin, You; Hosaka, Sumio