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2019Enhanced broadband spin Hall effects by core-shell nanoparticlesShi, R.; Wang, Y. Q.; Gao, L.; Gao, Dong Liang; Hu, Hao
 2017Enhancing third-harmonic generation with spatial nonlocalityHu, Hao; Zhang, Jingjing; Maier, Stefan A.; Luo, Yu
2018Entropy Stabilizes Floppy Crystals of Mobile DNA-Coated ColloidsHu, Hao; Ruiz, Pablo Sampedro; Ni, Ran
 2011A four-camera videogrammetric system for 3-D motion measurement of deformable objectHu, Hao; Liang, Jin; Xiao, Zhenzhong; Tang, Zhengzong; Asundi, Anand Krishna; Wang, Yong-xin
2017Irreversible Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm for self-avoiding walkHu, Hao; Chen, Xiaosong; Deng, Youjin
2019Manipulating Cherenkov radiation by artificial structuresHu, Hao
2016Tripsense : a trust-based vehicular platoon crowdsensing scheme with privacy preservation in VANETsHu, Hao; Lu, Rongxing; Huang, Cheng; Zhang, Zonghua
2016Trust and reputation management in vehicular ad hoc networksHu, Hao