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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Acetic acid-assisted fabrication of hierarchical flower-like Bi2O3 for photocatalytic degradation of sulfamethoxazole and rhodamine B under solar irradiationBao, Yueping; Lim, Teik-Thye; Zhong, Ziyi; Wang, Rong; Hu, Xiao
 2019Adaptation of evapoporometry (EP) to characterize the continuous pores and interpore connectivity in polymeric membranesTanis-Kanbur, Melike Begum; Zamani, Farhad; Krantz, William B.; Hu, Xiao; Chew, Jia Wei
 2012Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) templates on Transparent Conducting Glass (TCO) coated glass : new prospects for a mature nano-fabrication toolFoong, Thelese Ru Bao; Liang, Yen Nan; Hu, Xiao
 2021Anti-dark solitons in a single mode fiber laserGuo, Jun; Hu, Xiao; Ma, Jie; Zhao, Luming; Shen, Deyuan; Tang, Dingyuan
2015Bactericidal mechanisms revealed for rapid water disinfection by superabsorbent cryogels decorated with silver nanoparticlesFane, Anthony Gordon; Loo, Siew-Leng; Krantz, William B.; Gao, Yiben; Lim, Teik-Thye; Hu, Xiao
 2019Bio-inspired reinforcement of cyclosiloxane hybrid polymer via ‘molecular stitching’Song, Yujie; Chen, Xuelong; Liang, Yen Nan; Zhang, Liying; Liu, Ming; Hu, Xiao
2022Biobased dual-cure thiol-ene benzoxazine resins for high-performance polymer dielectricsLu, Yong; Li, Qizheng; Zhang, Zhicheng; Hu, Xiao
 2021BiOClBr-coated fabrics with enhanced antimicrobial properties under ambient lightKhin, Mya Mya; Bao, Yueping; Liang, Yen Nan; Setyawati, Magdiel Inggrid; Gnayem, Hani; Ng, Kee Woei; Sasson, Yoel; Hu, Xiao
 2021Ce/TiOₓ-functionalized catalytic ceramic membrane for hybrid catalytic ozonation-membrane filtration process: fabrication, characterization and performance evaluationLee, Wen Jie; Bao, Yueping; Guan, Chaoting; Hu, Xiao; Lim, Teik-Thye
2001Characterisation and applications of chemically amplified photoresists for DUV microlithographyKoh, Hui Peng.
2003Characterization and structural modification of polysilsesquioxanes for low dielectric constant (k) applications in deep sub-micron devicesSiew, Yong Kong.
 2023Chemocatalytic ceramic membranes for removing organic pollutants in wastewater: a reviewHe, Zeming; Ong, Jia Hui; Bao, Yueping; Hu, Xiao
2021Collision between soliton and polarization domain walls in fiber lasersHu, Xiao; Ma, J.; Zhao, Luming; Guo, Jun; Tang, Dingyuan
 2013Colloidal CuInSe 2 nanocrystals : from gradient stoichiometry toward homogeneous alloyed structure mediated by conducting polymer P3HTLiang, Yen Nan; Yu, Kui; Yan, Qingyu; Hu, Xiao
 2012CuOx nanotubes via an unusual complexation induced block copolymer-like self-assembly of poly(acrylic acid)Liang, Yen Nan; Hu, Jinhua; Tam, Michael Kam Chiu; Hu, Xiao
 2021Dark-bright soliton trapping in a fiber laserHu, Xiao; Guo, Jun; Zhao, Luming; Ma, Jie; Tang, Dingyuan
 2013Design and synthesis of ice-templated PSA cryogels for water purification : towards tailored morphology and propertiesKrantz, William B.; Loo, Siew-Leng; Lim, Teik-Thye; Fane, Anthony Gordon; Hu, Xiao
2020Design rationale for stimuli-responsive, semi-interpenetrating polymer network hydrogels–a quantitative approachGupta, Nupur; Liang, Yen Nan; Lim, Jacob Song Kiat; Hu, Xiao
2002Development and characterisation of high performance plastics based on liquid crystalline polymer blends and compositesLee, Mun Wai.
2015Development and Characterization of Biocompatible Fullerene [C60]/Amphiphilic Block Copolymer NanocompositeChaurasia, Alok; Sahoo, Nanda Gopal; McLeskey Jr., James T.; Hu, Xiao