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2014A biological micro actuator : graded and closed-loop control of insect leg motion by electrical stimulation of musclesCao, Feng; Zhang, Chao; Vo Doan, Tat Thang; Li, Yao; Sangi, Daniyal Haider; Koh, Jie Sheng; Huynh, Ngoc Anh; Aziz, Mohamed Fareez Bin; Choo, Hao Yu; Ikeda, Kazuo; Abbeel, Pieter; Maharbiz, Michel M.; Sato, Hirotaka
2019Frequency analysis and online learning in malware detectionHuynh, Ngoc Anh
2018Learning under concept drift with follow the regularized leader and adaptive decaying proximalHuynh, Ngoc Anh; Ng, Wee Keong; Ariyapala, Kanishka