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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Gaza War : new Palestinian resolve change paradigmJames M. Dorsey
2015Gulf alliances : regional states hedge their betsJames M. Dorsey
2013Gulf security : a risky new US-Saudi blueprintJames M. Dorsey
2012Impact of anti-US protests : healthy change in the Muslim worldJames M. Dorsey
2013The Iran nuclear deal : rewriting the middle east mapJames M. Dorsey
2013Iran's new president: averting a popular revoltJames M. Dorsey
2015Iran’s writing on the wall : ethnic minorities and others assert themselvesJames M. Dorsey
2014Islamic state : ideological challenge to Saudi ArabiaJames M. Dorsey
2014Islamic state : ideological challenge to Saudi ArabiaJames M. Dorsey
2011Israel and Hamas : a new equation for Mid-East peace?James M. Dorsey
2014Lessons from Gaza for Israel's military : unprepared for unconventional warfareJames M. Dorsey
2011Libya at the crossroads : a mideast model or revolution gone awry?James M. Dorsey
2015The Middle East and North Africa : adapting to a new paradigmJames M. Dorsey
2014The Middle East and North Africa : Cauldron of conflictJames M. Dorsey
2015Middle East and North Africa : forcing China to revisit long-standing policiesJames M. Dorsey
2013Military coup in Egypt : a recipe for failureJames M. Dorsey
2011Mounting Israeli-Iranian tension : Turkey in the middleJames M. Dorsey
2014Netanyahu's dilemma : from the war in Gaza to the war at homeJames M. Dorsey
2015Political violence : retiring the world terrorismJames M. Dorsey
2014Qatar & 2022 world cup : driving the engine of changeJames M. Dorsey