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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Netanyahu's dilemma : from the war in Gaza to the war at homeJames M. Dorsey
2015Political violence : retiring the world terrorismJames M. Dorsey
2014Qatar & 2022 world cup : driving the engine of changeJames M. Dorsey
2013Qatar’s surprising transfer of power : how will tamim rule?James M. Dorsey
2014Responding to the Islamic state's foreign fighters : retribution or rehabilitation?Farish A. Noor; James M. Dorsey
2011Role of Arab militaries in popular uprisingsJames M. Dorsey
2015Soccer: Moulding The Middle East And North AfricaJames M. Dorsey
2011Stepping up sanctions : Arab and Turkish pressures on SyriaJames M. Dorsey
2012The struggle for Syria : Iran-Qatar ties come under stressJames M. Dorsey
2014Syria's fallout : rise of Islamic State jihadistsJames M. Dorsey
2011Syria's widening protests : Assad increasingly beleagueredJames M. Dorsey
2011Syrian revolt : protestors at a crossroadsJames M. Dorsey; Zulkifli Mohamed Sultan
2015Thinking the unthinkable : coming to grips with Islamic stateJames M. Dorsey
2015To Shoot Or Not To Shoot? Southeast Asian And Middle Eastern Militaries Respond DifferentlyJames M. Dorsey; Teresita Cruz-Del Rosario
2011UNSC vote on Palestine State : US credibility at stakeJames M. Dorsey
2013The US bogeyman in post-coup EgyptJames M. Dorsey
2013US freezing of military aid to Egypt : how much of a dent?James M. Dorsey
2013US tightrope walk : Arab autocrats try to redefine terrorismJames M. Dorsey
2013Wahhabism vs. Wahhabism : Qatar challenges Saudi ArabiaJames M. Dorsey
2014War against Islamic State : sowing seeds of more extremist groupJames M. Dorsey