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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Limits to strategic foresight : try wisdom of the crowdsJayakumar, Shashi; Kuah, Adrian W. J.
2021“Offensive cyber” and espionage : dirty secrets no one talks aboutJayakumar, Shashi
2016Our Skynet Moment: Debating Morality of AIJayakumar, Shashi
2018“Regardless of Religion” : Building a Stronger Singaporean SocietyJayakumar, Shashi; Nur Diyanah Anwar
2019Return of Great Power RivalryScarlett, John; Jayakumar, Shashi
2019SingHealth Cyber Attack : Learning from COI FindingsJayakumar, Shashi
2018Violent Extremism and its ContinuumGunaratna, Rohan; Jayakumar, Shashi
2015The year of the caliphate : what lies ahead?Jayakumar, Shashi