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 2012Boosting multi-kernel locality-sensitive hashing for scalable image retrievalXia, Hao.; Wu, Pengcheng.; Jin, Rong.; Hoi, Steven C. H.
 2012Introduction to the special section on distance metric learning in intelligent systemsHoi, Steven C. H.; Jin, Rong.; Tang, Jinhui.; Zhou, Zhi-Hua.
 2012Learning Bregman distance functions for semi-supervised clusteringWu, Lei.; Hoi, Steven C. H.; Jin, Rong.; Zhu, Jianke.; Yu, Nenghai.
 2012Online feature selection for mining big dataHoi, Steven C. H.; Wang, Jialei.; Zhao, Peilin.; Jin, Rong.
 2012Online multiple kernel classificationJin, Rong.; Zhao, Peilin.; Yang, Tianbao.; Hoi, Steven C. H.