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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2020On-line microcolumn-based dynamic leaching method for investigation of lead bioaccessibility in shooting range soilsJoon, Narender Kumar; Ek, Paul; Zevenhoven, Maria; Hupa, Leena; Miró, Manuel; Bobacka, Johan; Lisak, Grzegorz
2019PVC-based ion-selective electrodes with a silicone rubber outer coating with improved analytical performanceJoon, Narender Kumar; He, Ning; Ruzgas, Tautgirdas; Bobacka, Johan; Lisak, Grzegorz
2020Silver(I)-selective electrodes based on rare earth element double-decker porphyrinsJoon, Narender Kumar; Barnsley, Jonathan E.; Ding, Ruiyu; Lee, Sunri; Latonen, Rose-Marie; Bobacka, Johan; Gordon, Keith C.; Ogawa, Takuji; Lisak, Grzegorz