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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Adaptive centroid-finding algorithm for freeform surface measurementsGuo, Wenjiang; Zhao, Liping; Tong, Chin Shi; Chen, I-Ming; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant
2019Bimodulus-plastic model for pre-failure analysis of fiber reinforced polymer compositesBoon, Yi Di; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant; Ong, Lin Seng
2020Boosting inter‐ply fracture toughness data on carbon nanotube‐engineered carbon composites for prognosticsJoshi, Sunil Chandrakant
2017Damage advancement behavior in braided composite structures for mini aerial vehiclesZhong, Yucheng; Suraj, Ravindrababu; Wang, Chen; Chia, Elvin Ser Ming; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant; Chen, Zhong
2016Development and evaluation of aerogel-filled BMI sandwich panels for thermal barrier applicationsYong, Zhao; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant; Sheikh, Abdullah Azhar; Dineshkumar, Arthanareswaran
2012Effect of solvent state and isothermal conditions on gelation of methylcellulose hydrogelsJoshi, Sunil Chandrakant; Liang, C. M.; Lam, Yee Cheong
2016Embedding Electronics In Printing ULTEM 9085 QuadcopterKeane, Phillip; Chua, Chee Kai; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant
 2012Enhancing interlaminar fracture characteristics of woven CFRP prepreg composites through CNT dispersionJoshi, Sunil Chandrakant; Dikshit, Vishwesh
2015Fibre Bragg grating sensors for in-situ measurement of resin pressure in curing compositesGanapathi, A. S.; Maheshwari, Muneesh; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant; Chen, Zhong; Asundi, Anand Krishna; Tjin, Swee Chuan
 2019Flexural characteristics of novel carbon methylmethacrylate compositesBhudolia, Somen Kumar; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant; Bert, Anthony; Boon, Yi Di; Makam, Raama; Gohel, Goram
2004Heat transfer analysis of a micro satelliteSriram Sadagopan.
2013High strain recovery with improved mechanical properties of gelatin–silica aerogel composites post-binding treatmentSachithanadam, Mahesh; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant
 2011Impact damage resistance of CFRP prepreg laminates with dispersed CSP particles into ply interfacesAli, Mubarak; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant
2004Integration and performance verification of FE/NCV process simulation softwareSriram Ramachandar.
2018Interfacial bonding between CFRP and mechanically-treated aluminum liner surfaces for risersBoon, Yi Di; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant; Ong, Lin Seng
 2018Low-velocity impact response of carbon fibre composites with novel liquid Methylmethacrylate thermoplastic matrixBhudolia, Somen K.; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant
2006Modeling heat and degree of gelation for methyl cellulose hydrogels with NaCl additivesJoshi, Sunil Chandrakant; Lam, Yee Cheong
2017Multiscale polymer composites : a review of the interlaminar fracture toughness improvementBhudolia, Somen Kumar; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant; Dikshit, Vishwesh
1999A Numerical Approach for Modelling of Polymer Curing in Fibre Reinforced CompositesJoshi, Sunil Chandrakant; Liu, X. L.; Lam, Yee Cheong
2000Numerical Simulation of Mould Filling Process in Resin Transfer MouldingLam, Yee Cheong; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant; Liu, X. L.