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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Thermal and mechanical assessments of the 3D-printed conformal cooling channels : computational analysis and multi-objective optimizationShen, Suping; Kanbur, Baris Burak; Zhou, Yi; Duan, Fei
 2020Thermal performance prediction of the battery surface via dynamic mode decompositionKanbur, Baris Burak; Kumtepeli, Volkan; Duan, Fei
 2019Thermoeconomic analysis and optimization of the small scale power generation and carbon dioxide capture system from liquefied natural gasKanbur, Baris Burak; Xiang, Liming; Dubey, Swapnil; Choo, Fook Hoong; Duan, Fei
2022Thermographic observation of high-frequency ethanol droplet train impingement on heated aluminum and glass surfacesKanbur, Baris Burak; Heng, Sheng Quan; Duan, Fei
 2020Two-phase liquid-immersion data center cooling system : experimental performance and thermoeconomic analysisKanbur, Baris Burak; Wu, Chenlong; Fan, Simiao; Tong, Wei; Duan, Fei