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2004Automatic identification of treatment relations for medical ontology learning : an exploratory studyKhoo, Christopher S. G.; Lee, Chew-Hung; Na, Jin-Cheon
1989Automatic indexing of medical literature using phrase matching: an exploratory studyAbdul, Hayati; Khoo, Christopher S. G.
2013Collaboration in LIS education in the Asean region and beyond: issues and trendsKhoo, Christopher S. G.
2005Development and evaluation of a multi-document summarization method focusing on research concepts and their research relationshipsOu, Shiyan; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Khoo, Christopher S. G.
2003Discourse parsing of sociology dissertation abstracts using decision tree inductionOu, Shiyan; Heng, Hui Ying; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Khoo, Christopher S. G.
2004Effectiveness of simple linguistic processing in automatic sentiment classification of product reviewsZhou, Yunyun; Khoo, Christopher S. G.; Na, Jin-Cheon; Sui, Haiyang; Chan, Syin
2019Factors affecting browsing duration on a health discussion forum : analysis of eye-tracking dataPian, Wenjing; Khoo, Christopher S. G.; Li, Gang; Chi, Jianxing
2002G-­Portal : a map-­based digital library for distributed geospatial and georeferenced resourcesLim, Ee Peng; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Liu, Zehua; Ng, Wee Keong; Higgins, Susan Ellen; Khoo, Christopher S. G.
2007How users organize electronic files on their workstations in the office environment : a preliminary study of personal information organization behaviourKhoo, Christopher S. G.; Luyt, Brendan; Ee, Caroline; Osman, Jamila; Lim, Hui-Hui; Yong, Sally
2015Knowledge representation of social science research data for data curation and reuseSun, Guangyuan; Khoo, Christopher S. G.
2017Lexicon-based sentiment analysis: Comparative evaluation of six sentiment lexiconsKhoo, Christopher S. G.; Johnkhan, Sathik Basha
1999A method for extracting causal knowledge from textual databasesChan, Syin; Niu, Yun; Ang, Alyssa; Khoo, Christopher S. G.
2003Multi-document summarization of dissertation abstracts using a variable-based frameworkOu, Shiyan; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Khoo, Christopher S. G.
2005A multi-document summarization system for sociology dissertation abstracts : design, implementation and evaluationOu, Shiyan; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Khoo, Christopher S. G.
2006Semantic relations in information scienceNa, Jin-Cheon; Khoo, Christopher S. G.
 2012Sentiment analysis of online news text : a case study of appraisal theoryNourbakhsh, Armineh; Na, Jin-Cheon; Khoo, Christopher S. G.
 2012Sentiment lexicons for health-related opinion miningNa, Jin-Cheon; Theng, Yin-Leng; Goeuriot, Lorraine; Min Kyaing, Wai Yan; Chang, Yun-Ke; Kim, Jung-jae; Khoo, Christopher S. G.
2012Task-based navigation of a taxonomy interface to a digital repositoryKhoo, Christopher S. G.; Wang, Zhonghong; Chaudhry, Abdus Sattar
1997The use of relation matching in information retrievalKhoo, Christopher S. G.