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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Electrode architectural engineering for enhancing solar conversion efficiencyKhoo, Si Yun
2013Enhanced charge extraction of polymer solar cell by solution-processable gold nanoparticlesKhoo, Si Yun; Yang, Hongbin; He, Ziming; Miao, Jianwei; Leong, Kam Chew; Li, Chang Ming; Tan, Timothy Thatt Yang
 2013Graphene quantum dots-incorporated cathode buffer for improvement of inverted polymer solar cellsLi, Chang Ming; Yang, Hong Bin; Wang, Xizu; Khoo, Si Yun; Liu, Bin; Dong, Yong Qian
 2012Improved utilization of photogenerated charge using fluorine-doped TiO2 hollow spheres scattering layer in dye-sensitized solar cellsWong, C. C.; Song, Junling; Yang, Hongbin; Wang, Xiu; Khoo, Si Yun; Liu, Xue-Wei; Li, Chang Ming
 2014One-Step Fabrication of Unique Mesoporous NiO Hollow Sphere Film on FTO for High-Performance P-Type Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsYang, Hong Bin; Liu, Bin; Khoo, Si Yun; Zhu, Lin Nan; Guo, Chun Xian; Dong, Yong Qiang; Li, Chang Ming
 2012RGD-peptide functionalized graphene biomimetic live-cell sensor for real-time detection of nitric oxide moleculesKhoo, Si Yun; Zheng, Xin Ting; Chen, Peng; Li, Chang Ming; Guo, Chun Xian; Ng, Shu Rui