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2018Dual use of a biopolymer from durian (Durio zibethinus) seed as a nutrient source and stabilizer for spray dried Lactobacillus plantarumLee, Jaslyn Jie Lin; Zhao, Guili; Kim, Jaejung; Castillo-Zacarias, Carlos; Ramirez-Arriaga, Maria T.; Parra-Saldivar, Roberto; Chen, Wei Ning
 2021Free fatty acids reduction in waste cooking oil by Rhodosporidium toruloides and simultaneous carotenoids, lipids, and pal enzyme production in a two-phase culture systemLee, Jaslyn Jie Lin; Li, Aaron; Lyu, Xiaomei; Kim, Jaejung; Chen, Wei Ning
2019A metabolomic approach to understand the solid-state fermentation of okara using Bacillus subtilis WX-17 for enhanced nutritional profileMok, Wai Kit; Tan, Yong Xing; Lee, Jaslyn; Kim, Jaejung; Chen, Wei Ning
2018Metabolomics analysis of Pseudomonas chlororaphis JK12 algicidal activity under aerobic and micro-aerobic culture conditionKim, Jaejung; Lyu, Xiao Mei; Lee, Jaslyn Jie Lin; Zhao, Guili; Chin, Seow Fong; Yang, Liang; Chen, Wei Ning
2019Solid state fermentation of brewers’ spent grains for improved nutritional profile using Bacillus subtilis WX-17Tan, Yong Xing; Mok, Wai Kit; Lee, Jaslyn; Kim, Jaejung; Chen, Wei Ning
2019Transforming okara into a microalgae culture mediumKim, Jaejung