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2005Effect of multi-layer barriers on the optical properties of GaInNAs single quantum-well structures grown by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxySun, Handong; Clark, Antony H.; Calvez, Stephane; Dawson, M. D.; Kim, K. S.; Kim, T.; Park, Y. J.
2006Magnetic properties of Sb-doped FePt nanoparticlesYan, Q. Y.; Kim, T.; Purkayastha, A.; Xu, Y.; Shima, M.; Gambino, R. J.; Ramanath, G.
2005Spectroscopic characterization of 1.3 μm GaInNAs quantum well structures grown by metal-organical vapour phase epm,itaxySun, Handong; Calvez, Stephane; Clark, Antony H.; Dawson, M. D.; Qiu, Y. N.; Rorison, J. M.; Kim, K. S.; Kim, T.; Park, Y. J.