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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Retention time characterization and optimization of logic-compatible embedded DRAM cellsDo, Anh Tuan; Yi, He; Yeo, Kiat Seng; Kim, Tony Tae-Hyoung
 2013A scaling roadmap and performance evaluation of in-plane and perpendicular MTJ based STT-MRAMs for high-density cache memoryChun, Ki Chul; Zhao, Hui; Harms, Jonathan D.; Kim, Tony Tae-Hyoung; Wang, Jian-Ping; Kim, Chris H.
 2013Sensing margin enhancement techniques for ultra-low-voltage SRAMs utilizing a bitline-boosting current and equalized bitline leakageDo, Anh Tuan; Nguyen, Truc Quynh; Yeo, Kiat Seng; Kim, Tony Tae-Hyoung
2012The shuttle nanoelectromechanical nonvolatile memoryPott, Vincent; Chua, Geng Li; Vaddi, Ramesh; Tsai, Julius Ming-Lin; Kim, Tony Tae-Hyoung
2008Silicon odometer : an on-chip reliability monitor for measuring frequency degradation of digital circuitsKim, Tony Tae-Hyoung; Persaud, Randy.; Kim, Chris H.
2015SRAM devices and circuits optimization toward energy efficiency in multi-Vth CMOSWang, Bo; Zhou, Jun; Kim, Tony Tae-Hyoung
2008Stack sizing for optimal current drivability in subthreshold circuitsKim, Tony Tae-Hyoung; Keane, John.; Eom, Hanyong.; Sapatnekar, Sachin.; Kim, Chris H.
2020Time-interleaved SAR ADC with background timing-skew calibration for UWB wireless communication in IoT systemsSeong, Kiho; Jung, Dong-Kyu; Yoon, Dong-Hyun; Han, Jae-Soub; Kim, Ju Eon; Kim, Tony Tae-Hyoung; Lee, Woojoo; Baek, Kwang-Hyun
2011Ultra-low power high efficient rectifiers with 3T/4T double-gate MOSFETs for RFID applicationsKim, Tony Tae-Hyoung; Vaddi, Ramesh.
2007Utilizing reverse short-channel effect for optimal subthreshold circuit designKim, Tony Tae-Hyoung; Keane, John.; Eom, Hanyong.; Kim, Chris H.
2009A voltage scalable 0.26 V, 64 kb 8T SRAM with Vmin lowering techniques and deep sleep modeKim, Tony Tae-Hyoung; Liu, Jason.; Kim, Chris H.